Authentico & INKY

A cyber security collaboration

We provide protection where it matters the most

From infiltrations on infrastructure and data breaches to spear phishing and brute force. Online threats are varied and they don’t discriminate against organizations from individuals when looking for a target.

Authentico Technologies and INKY is a cyber security collaboration that protects both online and offline. Thanks to our joint collaboration we can provide protection where it matters the most. Hackers are getting more and more advanced and the need for a strong shield against offline database thefts and online phishing attacks increases by the minute.

Offline and online protection

We make your data useless to the hacker

Way too many passwords and hijacked user profiles are for sale on the dark web and Phishing attacks is also one of the most threatening forces companies encounter on the internet today.

With the patented CIPHRA hardware solution from Authentico, which also can be a cloud solution depending on infrastructure set-up, and INKY´s affordable cloud-based email security platform designed to be far more than artificially intelligent, you make your data useless to the hacker in the event of a data breach (Offline protection) and at the same time, a solution that can prevent phishing by catching pretty much everything from spam and malware, to the deepest and darkest threats. (Online protection)


CIPHRA Benefits

  • Keeps the hacker locked out if data gets stolen
  • No cracked passwords
  • No hijacked user profiles
  • No need to store keys
  • Generate unclonable keys
  • No secret material programmed
  • Plug & Play – (Hardware solution)
  • No need to back-up, only for redundancy
  • Intrusio detection (Cloud solution)
  • Monitoring (Cloud solution

Benefits with INKY

  • Dynamic Banners
  • Inline Protection
  • Automated Deployment
  • Dectects Brand Impersonations
  • Flags user impersonations
  • Works alongside the SEG
  • Next generation
  • Machine Learning