How to Minimize the Risk of Data Breach and Protect Against Password Thef

Authentico Technologies cooperates with the world-renowned expert in authentication solutions, Intrinsic ID, to develop a cutting-edge security system. Intrinsic ID’s security solutions for managing keys coupled with Authentico’s patented technology for storing passwords is redefining data protection practices, and take them to a new level.    

The companies created a hardware solution that helps enterprises protect their password hashes. Once the device is plugged, it enhances server security, while the user doesn’t notice any changes in the log-in or working process. The password storage system will be powered by Authentico’s patented cybersecurity technology and SRAM PUF. The solution makes offline password cracking impossible even if the salted hashes get stolen in a data breach.    

The number of data breaches grows

Possible consequences of data breach vary, but they are still very serious. The bulk theft of passwords remains the main security issue, which hasn’t been solved yet. The massive attacks on popular social network Facebook, ask-and-answer website Quora, and many others have led to myriads of user passwords, and personal data being compromised. It happened a while back in 2018. As a result, the affected companies lost their reputation and user trust.  

Not only can insufficient password security stain the company’s good name, but also ruin it completely. Once the thieves gain control over a username and a password, they will automatically access sensitive data including email, banking records, and medical documents. Two out of three security breaches (81%) occur due to the weak or stolen passwords. Managing multiple accounts in social media, email and other services, people pay little attention to the security of their passwords.

Is there a solution?

Currently, password hashing and salting are deemed to be the best protection methods. But these methods are insufficient to provide the utmost security, because hackers can restore passwords from the stolen database records.  

The solution by Authentico and Intrinsic ID takes into account the vulnerabilities of the existing password protection tools and improves upon them. The technology ensures secure key generation and storage, device authentication and anti-cloning. To prevent data restoration, user passwords undergo salted hashing, and are then validated by SRAM PUF. This makes the database useless for hackers even if they steal it.

About the product

Intrinsic ID specializes in unclonable authentication, and secure key management, and provides patented solutions for IoT devices. The joint initiative of Intrinsic ID and Authentico can lay foundation for new password security practices and give birth to the revolutionary authentication technology.

What does the product offer?

No password is recovered even if the database is compromised.

No user profile data is exposed even if the server is hacked.

Don’t underestimate the importance of secure personal data and password storage. Once your credentials are compromised, this may lead to unfavorable and unpleasant consequences. Follow Authentico to learn more about the solution that puts an end to password thefts.


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