The company

Patented solutions that are the results of scientific research

Password storage solution for companies that has top security requirements without sacrificing usability, scalability and user experience.

Founded in 2011, Authentico Technologies focuses on problems within cybersecurity whereas our patented solutions are the results of scientific research. Authentico Technologies has built a password storage solution for companies that has top security requirements without sacrificing usability, scalability and user experience. Our patented technology processes secret data at the hardware level and stores the processed data, which can be stored and used for verification of the secrets, but it is impossible to recover the actual secrets from the stored data.

Core people

Doctor Aysajan Abidin

Doctor Aysajan Abidin obtained MSc degree in engineering mathematics from Chalmers University of Technology, and a PhD in information coding with a focus on information security from Linköping University. After his PhD, he worked as a post-doctoral researcher at Chalmers, and as a CTO at Authentico. Since 2015, he is a research associate at COSIC research lab at KU Leuven. Aysajan is a specialist in cryptography and information security. He has published more than 30 research papers and is an inventor of 8 patents.

Mr. Martin Fabiansson

The new CEO with the responsibility to manage operations forward to excellence. Extensive leadership experience in the security software and telecommunications industries, including Start- ups and in global leading corporations. Consistent success in delivering global integrated sales/marketing and customer programs. Proven track record of exceeding projected business goals while reducing costs and budgets. Exceptional ability to manage diverse responsibilities and personalities in an international environment. Credited with developing innovative strategies and brand building, leading to amplified revenues and market share.

He has obtained a MSc in Applied Physics, as well as in Marketing / Organizational Strategies and also holding a MBA form Norwegian Business Schools.

Mr Oscar Blenner
Head of Sales

International sales and event specialist with experience in the security and software industry. With the astonishing ability to drive marketing events into billable customers and maintaining good relations with all stakeholders.

Oscar also has a BSc. in Marketing / Business Administration

Mr. Philip Lundin Weinstock
Founder of Authentico

Technologies. Entrepreneur and former professional investment stock trader. He is also an innovator and co-inventor of five patents related to cybersecurity. His core focus relates to business development and he is driven by solving existing problems.

Mr. Anders Myrberg
Head of development/programing

Responsible for new features and configuration of the hardware components. Mr. Myrberg has decades of software developing experience in various IT and telecom sectors, and co-creator of a security software used, e.g., by Swedish defense agencies.

Mr. Tom Beesley