Cloud solution

CIPHRA CLOUD - 3 features in 1

Seamless and scalable

The connection is made through a SSH or VPN tunnel to make sure that no one can breach the transport chain. It is a seamless scalable service, where your company can grow at any speed but still staying ahead of the cyber criminals and keeping all the security features

1. Password & data protection

A flexible SaaS solution

CIPHRA CLOUD product/service, in the form of a software as a service, works regardless of which cloud service you use  or if you use an inhouse web-server. The passwords  and customer data is protected exactly in the same way as the hardware solution but in the cloud.

2. User Credential (v 1.1)

Three features in one

CHIPHRA CLOUD provides an authentication service, which means that you get three service features in one.
 In other words, instead of implementing and paying for three different services, perhaps from three different vendors, this set-up saves a lot of time and costs.
When new users or internal employees register the first time, the service will notify in real time, if the log-in credentials have leaked some elsewhere. This helps the end-user to create a unique password which has not been found from another data breach and if that happens in the future, the same type of notification is sent every time the user authenticates as well.

3. Password Monitoring (v 1.1)

Protects both password and user names

CIPHRA CLOUD also scans the Internet to find leaked information that has been breached and found on the Darkweb. So, we also make sure that not only passwords, but also user names do not get reused when creating an account, or have been breached earlier.
Furthermore, the CIPHRA CLOUD will through this feature also indicate to the web server if there has been a breach into the database where the CiPHRA generated hashes are stored your system (intrusion detection), by comparing if any of the CIPHRA hashes were found on the dark web, derived from CIPHRA.