The Technology

A crypto processor built on unclonable function

We offer a future-proof hardware based password protection solution that strengthens existing password storage solutions and that eliminates offline password cracking.

Plug and play
No secret material stored
Unclonable keys

The keys cannot be copied
or reproduced

No root/master key stored
Designed to protect
user accounts
No backup needed

Except device key which is
used for redundancy


The CiPHRA system has been proven viable and Authentico is now set to launch internationally, enrolling major reference clients.

  • Industry – Cyber Security
  • EU grant funding approval
  • A Swedish tech company with a broad patent portfolio
  • No government backdoor compliance
  • Specialized in Secure Authentication and Data Storage
  • Solutions Password and Key Management
  • No passwords, even weak passwords are compromised even if the database is stolen
  • No user profile data is compromised even if the server gets hacked
  • Scalable add-on solution Global patent pending Malware proof

Securely generating keys with SRAM PUF

An alternative approach to traditional methods of generating and storing root keys is an SRAM Physical Unclonable Function. SRAM PUFs use the behavior of standard SRAM memory, available in any digital chip, to extract a unique pattern or “silicon fingerprint.” They are virtually impossible to clone or predict. This makes them very suitable for applications such as secure key generation and storage, device authentication, flexible key provisioning and chip asset management.

This leads to that, when the device is powered off, no secret key can be found in any memory; in effect, the root key is “invisible” to hackers. The secret material is never stored in memory and no physical traces can be found on a chip that lead to the secret material. Hence, using SRAM PUF protects secrets from reverse engineering attacks, simply by virtue of the fact the secrets are not present on the chip in any physical form.

So, besides removing the requirement for externally provisioning keys to chip, storing keys with SRAM PUF also provides a level of security that cannot be achieved with any other form of key storage, due to the fact that keys are not physically stored on the chip.

This technology is silicon proven, having been used to secure more than 125 million devices, ranging from high-end security systems on computer chips.

SRAM PUF is used for key generation and storage to provide devices with an unclonable, immutable, and essentially invisible unique identity.